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Inspection Services

Here are our inspection services. We provide complete home inspection services according to the Home Inspection Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. 

certified residential home inspector

FULL HOME INSPECTION: Starting at $375

Certified inspectors assess your home, provide detailed reports and recommendations for peace of mind. Safeguard your investment with us.

Infrared Certified Inspector


Infrared Home Inspection: Uncover hidden issues with thermal imaging. Detect energy loss, moisture intrusion, and electrical hot spots for enhanced safety and efficiency. Please click here for more information

InterNACHI Certified Annual Home Maintenance Inspection


Annual Home Maintenance Inspection: Ensure responsible homeownership. Identify issues, plan upkeep, and maintain your home's condition. New or experienced, stay on top with our inspection.

InterNACHI Certified Commercial Inspector


Assess your commercial property with our comprehensive inspection service. Our experts evaluate condition, safety, compliance, and provide accurate assessments for informed decision-making. Click here for more information.

Certified Electrical Inspector


Ensure electrical safety with our thorough Electrical Inspections. Experts identify hazards, outdated systems, and code violations. Trust our detailed reports and recommendations to ensure safety and efficiency for peace of mind.

InterNACHI Certified Chimney Inspector


Ensure a secure chimney with our expert Chimney Inspections. Identify hazards and receive actionable recommendations for repairs and maintenance. Trust us for a safe and functional home.

Pool Steps
pool and spa certified inspector


This service is designed to help you keep your property in top condition. We use cutting-edge technology and methods to provide you with a comprehensive report on the safety and functionality of your swimming pool or spa. Whether you're a buyer, seller, or just a homeowner looking to ensure the safety of your loved ones, our pool and spa inspection services are the perfect solution.

mold inspector


Mold inspection is crucial for maintaining a healthy indoor environment. A professional inspector examines the property to detect mold growth, assess the damage, and provide recommendations for remediation. It ensures that your property is free from harmful mold and protects the health and safety of those who live or work there.

Home Maintenance Book

Home Maintenance Book Is Included

With every full home inspection service, I include a home maintenance book for my clients. The book explains how a home works, how to maintain it, and how to save home energy. It also includes seasonal maintenance checklists.


As the trusted home inspection company near you, you can rely on us for local home inspection services. Our top-notch residential property inspection services ensure that you get the most comprehensive insights. If you're looking for a certified and expert home inspector at ABA Property Solutions, LLC to assist you in Serving all of Fresno and Madera Counties, don't hesitate to reach out.


Wondering about home inspection cost? Contact us today to find out!

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